“It is stupidity to spend your last penny buying your pastor a jet” – Nollywood actor, Mr. Ibu. Do you Agree?

Popular comic actor, John Okafor, more popular as Mr. Ibu, had waded into the debate about pastors owing private jets and living lavish lifestyles.

Mr. Ibu took to his Facebook page to express his opinions, and called people who donate their last penny to fund the purchase of private jets, as ‘stupid’.

“STUPIDITY is when you don’t have a bicycle and you give your last penny to your pastor to buy a jet…….” he wrote.

“IGNORANCE is when you believe it when your pastor tells you not to live a worldly life, yet he enjoys all the best things in the world;the fine houses, cars, jets, babes etc, while you
are waiting till you get to heaven to enjoy your own….”
He ended his post with: “Stop worshiping your pastors!!! Stay focused on Jesus The author and finisher of your Faith.And learn to study the word .#Somebody shout halleluyahhhhhh”