Man allegedly put meth into wife's cigarette as part of '15-point plan' to get her addicted

A 20-year-old Belfair man has been charged with assault after he allegedly put methamphetamine in his wife's cigarette without her knowledge.

The man told his wife, 22, that he wanted her to experience a meth high so that she'd understand why he likes it so much, according to a report filed by Bremerton police in Kitsap County, Washington. The wife called police to her East Bremerton home on Sunday.

She said that on Saturday, while they were at the house with their two children, her husband had offered her a cigarette. She said that when she started "freaking out," her husband told her he had put meth in the cigarette. The husband allegedly told two friends that he had a "15-point plan" to get his wife addicted to meth.

The woman, who told police she'd never knowingly done meth, was taken to an area hospital for treatment. A family friend took their children. The 20-year-old was arrested and charged with second-degree assault. He also was the subject of a felony arrest warrant issued by the state Corrections Department for escape from community custody. He is being held without bail.