Man arranges impromptu birthday celebration for homeless lady

Emilio Rodríguez Aparicio Bogota is a young photographer who has focused much of his work on the people living on the streets of Bogota, Colombia. Last week Emilio arranged a special birthday party for Andrea Chaparro, who was celebrating her 47th birthday.

Details of Aparicio's gesture have generated mixed reactions in Colombia, as many people support his act with comments of support and admiration, but others criticize, arguing that such acts should not become a "show".

However, the photographer defended his gesture in a brief text accompanying the video. "What we sometimes believe it is not unrecoverable is what keeps us going, but when the heart beats constantly and triggers of happiness is when you really understand that this joy we seek daily was as simple, as simple as celebrate a birthday," he said.

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Aparicio also said it was not done with the intention of gaining prominence, but that he "wanted to give a smile to someone who has nothing."