Man bit head off snake so it couldn't bite him

After seeing a brown snake in the front yard of a neighbour’s house, Rodney Williams of Glenroi, in New South Wales, Australia, did the unthinkable and picked it up before biting its head off.

He then bit it on the stomach and tail. Mr Williams, who admits he’d had a few drinks before the incident, said he considered it a “learning experience”. “I bit it’s head off first so it couldn’t bite me,” he said. “I’ll probably do it better next time.”

Mr Williams said he’d seen other Koori people kill snakes in a similar way and had always wanted to try it himself. “That’s how you kill a snake, you don’t use a shovel,” he said. “I was born and bred in this street [Adina Crescent] and I’ve never seen a king brown here before but there’s a few red-bellied blacks around.”

Mr Williams said he would tell his four grandchildren what happened but hopes they won’t try it themselves. Orange hospital confirmed a man was examined for a possible snake bite but he wasn’t admitted for treatment. Hours after the encounter Mr Williams said he felt so well he discharged himself from hospital.