Man found £85 in loose change down back of his old sofa

A man who searched down the back of his second-hand sofa for a missing guitar plectrum could not believe his luck when he found more than just the odd coin which eventually totalled £85. Norman Hore, 65, of Newquay, Cornwall, was at home with friends when he dropped his instrument's pick and began rummaging in the crevices of his couch.

He started finding coins so kept searching and ended up with a massive pile of 1ps, 2ps, 5ps, 10ps, 20ps, 50ps, £1s and £2s. By the time he had finished Mr Hore had found exactly £85. Mr Hore bought the fabric couch from its previous owners two years ago for £250.

Photo from SWNS.

He says he had never noticed a gap underneath the cushions where money can fall. Mr Hore said: ''There was a gathering at my house and I was about to play the guitar when I dropped the plectrum. 'I pulled out some coins and just kept going. I suppose some of the money is mine and some of it is theirs.

''But there were some £2 coins down there too and I would have noticed losing them. I guess they had never checked down there either. It must have been cash that has slipped out of trouser pockets." Mr Hore bought the sofa after seeing it in a newspaper's classified ads in the winter of 2010.