Mixed feeling over security cameras installed inside public toilets

Security  cameras installed inside three public toilets in Australia to curb constant vandalism and graffiti have been effective, the Adelaide Hills Council says.

The cameras have been operating in the Aldgate, Bridgewater and Stirling public toilets since late October and have already deterred vandalism.

The cameras, installed in male, female and disabled restrooms,  have already saved the council thousands of dollars. "We've noticed a very dramatic reduction in the amount of vandalism and graffiti since we did that," Tim Hancock, director of engineering at the council said.

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Mr Hancock said that the Adelaide Hills Council would consider adding more cameras to the 42 public toilets in the Adelaide hills. "Probably not all of them but we will definitely be looking at this for other public toilets," he said. However, some residents are outraged, concerned that their privacy is being violated.