[Photos] Nigerian Citizens In Greece Allege Racist Attacks By Extremists

Nigerians in Greece are increasingly living in fear as they are targeted by extremists, especially the neo-fascist group known as Chrysi Avgi (Golden Dawn), which blames them for the country’s economic problems.
Last September, two Nigerians returning to their homes following a weekend away were the victims of one a racist attack with put one of them in the hospital for four days.

Igwe Chijioke and Osama Ojo Osaro John, leaving Omonia Metro Station in the city, were walking towards Patission Road when they were chased by six young Greeks on three motorbikes.  In a letter to the Nigerian ambassador, Chijioke said, “After a long chase they finally apprehended us on the street not too far from the Omonia Police Station and they started beating us and finally they pulled out knives and other sharp objects from their motorbike as they started stabbing my friend and I with the intention of killing us.”

He said in the letter that he identified their attackers as members of the Golden Dawn party from their outfits.
“After a while, they left us on the street in our own blood as they rode off while some group of Nigerians try coming to our rescue by calling the police.” He said the police arrived at the scene 45mins later and he was rushed to ATHENS Laiko General Hospital where he was admitted on account of his injuries from September 23 to 27 before being discharged.

“The Greek society I thought I knew over the years both in the daylight and its nightlife has presented me with an everlasting/unforgettable memory of my entire life,” said Chiojioke. “I am a Nigeria Citizen on Passport Number A00494423 that resides in Greece legally with all required legal residence permit (NO. A2621335 – F.NO: 4/166245) with the Greek government,” he wrote, begging the Nigerian ambassador for help to obtain justice from the Greek police and to stop further attacks upon Nigerians in the country.

Chijioke’s wrote his appeal to the ambassador on October 2, 2012. So far, he has not heard from his country’s diplomatic representative, and other Nigerian citizens say that attacks on them have continued.