Police sent two officers after neighbours' cat stole chicken from woman's kitchen

Police sent two officers to investigate a cat that stole a chicken from an elderly woman’s kitchen. Dorothy Howling-Neame, 75, of Folkestone, Kent, called the authorities after her neighbours’ Bengal broke into her house through a cat flap. Kent Police officers turned up at the doorstep of Janine and Paul Watson to question them about their pet cat Pebble.

Mrs Watson, 46, said: ‘This country is in enough disarray without police being called out over a cat.’ But Ms Howling-Neame said the cat burglar regularly made its way into her house through a catflap and said she was correct to call the police. ‘It goes for my cats,’ she said. ‘The last straw came when it went for the chicken.’

A Kent Police spokesman said that the woman was concerned about 'a perceived threat, which she said was affecting her quality of life’ He added that police attended for this reason - ‘and not because of any issues to do with a cat’

The spokesman said: ‘The threat was not immediate so an appointment was booked at the caller's convenience for the following day. Officers spoke to the caller and a neighbour to stop any potential dispute from escalating.’