Puppy room

Considering their reputation for eating homework, dogs may not seem like the ideal study buddies.

But for hundreds of Dal students eager for a break from the stresses of exam period, the Dalhousie Student Union’s “Puppy Room” was just the friendly, furry reprieve they were looking for.

By the time the doors opened Tuesday afternoon for the first of three Puppy Room sessions this week, more than 100 students were in line to hang out for a few minutes with a Labradoodle, a Sheltie and a Golden Retriever — all volunteering their time through the non-profit Therapeutic Paws of Canada.

“We ran from class,” said Megan Sommerville, a commerce student who was first in line with her friends.

“Puppies are pretty much the best thing ever,” added fellow student Trisha McWilliams.

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Can you tell me in 200 words other ways you know to relieve from stress in exam period?