(Vidoe) Check Out the First Video ever to hit a billion views on YouTube

It’s official: Psy’s “Gangnam Style” is the first video ever to hit a billion views on YouTube.
Psy’s dance hymn Gangnam Style, which was uploaded to YouTube on July 15, millions of views are racking up every hour. It took approximately three hours for the video to go from 995 million to a billion.
Gangnam Style” was YouTube’s top rising search of 2012 and on October 6th, more than five million searches for “gangnam style” in a single day.

“Gangnam Style” has generated over $8.1 million in advertising deals, hit more than 2.9 million in song downloads since July, and achieved other incredible feats!

An animated dancing Psy now appears next to the video’s view counter now on youtube

Now is the perfect time to spin it once again. Oppa Gangnam Style!

“Congratulations to PSY,