"Why we Muslims are celebrating Yakowa's death" -Kaduna Muslim youth

According to a Muslim youth in kaduna,Mr Nazeer,he said that some Christians openly celebrated and jubilate the death of Yaradua, the same way We Muslims are now doing on Yakowa's death.


No single Nigerian celebrated Yar'dua's death in any form, either by a Christian or Muslim. The Time Yar'dua was the Nigerian President, no one bothered where he was a Christian or Muslim. The Religion issue is only a device used by Old and out-of-date Politicians to divide the common man to their advantage.

The only problem Nigerians had with Yar'dua's sickness and death was that some Mafia played politics with his sickness. They put Nigerians in Dark for Nearly 7 months, no one can give a precise account of the where-about of our President.
They even sneeked him back into the Country in the middle of the Night, whether he died overseas or in Nigeria, till this moment, no body can give an accurate account.

The issue of his religion was Never mentioned as it was irrelevant. Nigerians mourned Yar'dua and regretted losing a Humble leader. It should be the religious bigots that were afraid that they may have lost the leadership of Nigeria in form of occupying the president's seat.

For those trying to re-create history by telling us that Christians celebrated Yar'dua's death are simply trying to be mischievous, born liars or exhibiting their monumental act of folly.
They are part of these shameless and idiotic groups celebrating in Kaduna over Yakowa death.
Shame on them and those supporting their acts - Aliyu Bello.