Cooperative learning

This is the title of the workshop that some teachers were attending the first two days of this week, and yes, you are right, I was one of them.
It´s been great, we had a good time at the same time that we discovered new ways of teaching, and new ways of learning. The most important feature of the method is that students get their marks increased if they follow the instructions and work properly, and it is fairly easy as well as quite amusing. It is based on cooperation, sharing tasks, respect for classmates, oneself and of course, the teacher.
The aspect of the classroom has changed a little, Bea y LuĂ­sma have helped me and I think they have done a nice job. You´ll check next day. I sincerely hope you enjoy the new classes and get the most of it. What really matters is that you raise your marks and we want to help you do that.
Have a look at this video and leave a comment, please :)