He vuelto al cole, ha sido estupendo he tenido un recibimiento, de cine, parecido a este:


Bueno, no exactamente pero muy parecido, el caso es que me merece la pena recordarlo con palabras, Can you describe the video above for me to keep forever? Thank you so much in advance.

I´m also happy because of the response of students visiting and writing, thank you very much.

Now I have collected several and different things for you, you may like one of them or perhaps two, or unfortunately there isn´t any worthwhile your attention and time. Never mind, I will go on trying.

Para mis alumnos de 1º (que no quiere decir que no puedan hacerlo los de 2º :)
Relativo al tema de la unit 6 mirad lo que he encontrado en el New York Times:


Can you tell me when the article was published?
What were you doing when it was published?
Can you give me a synonym of “varsity”?
What is the condition for women to play in men´s team?
Why does Rambo appear in the article?

The following is just another chance to learn English, I don´t mind which one you choose, but CHOOSE ONE!


What do you find attractive in this new alternative?

…And this one is information for “OUR” future iPads, for technology-maniacs, addicts or just curious:
What´s the relation between an iPad and children?

This is the song today, music and lyrics for you to learn a little bit more of English.

...and once you have learnt it by heart you can enjoy singing the song while watching the video.

C U!