Daisey Bailey

Daisey Bailey nee Flowers was born in Tennessee and later moved to Michigan. She was born on 30 March 1896; however, she claimed a birthdate of 30 March 1895, which would have made her the world's oldest person. This was countered by the GRG, which discovered she was only 113 at the time.
She married at just 14, outlived all 4 of her children, had 20 grandchildren, and 30 great-grandchildren. She credited her longevity to always praying, loving, forgiving, and eating vegetables.
Having suffered from dementia for some time, she was not exactly in the pink of health, though she was still going strong until her death. 
She died on 7 March 2010, aged 113 years and 342 days. She died on the same day as Mary Josephine Ray, the second-oldest person in the world. Apparently it is very rare to see two supercentenarians die on the same day, according to this.