Ellen Dart

Ellen Dart of Britain was born in Paignton, England, on 1 November 1854. She does not really qualify as a supercentenarian, since she was less than 110 years 0 days old at death, but she is notable here for being the youngest holder of the oldest living person title.
She reigned for 233 days between 17 February 1963 and 8 October 1963, being 108 years, 108 days old when she received the title.
Until 2007, the oldest living person from the time of Dart's reign was thought to be a series of various people (named in the 2005 Book of Guinness World Records).
In 2005, Matthias Kesselschlaeger of Germany reported, by Christine Howle, a retired and unmarried nurse named Ellen Dart, living in England and who had been '108' at death. Her birthdate, however, could not be traced. The case was not dug up until 14 May 2007, when Kesselschlaeger announced the report of the local Herald Express, that the Vicar of Paignton, Preb. J. W. G. Molland said a recent check of the parish registers at Credition said she was baptized at Credition on 25 December 1855. Her case was immediately brought up for consideration by the GWR.
Dart had been in reasonably good health in her last years until she collapsed on Monday night, 7 October 1963, and died the next day on 8 October. She had been very hard of hearing for quite some time and had failing eyesight. She was 108 years and 341 days old when she died.