Florence Knapp

Florence Knapp, born in Pennsylvania, U.S. on 10 October 1873 and who died on 11 January 1988 at age 114 years, 93 days, was the world's oldest person as recognised by the Guinness World Records, holding that title for just 15 days following the death of Anna Eliza Williams, age 114 years 208 days, on 27 December 1987. Williams, incidentally, was the oldest undisputed person to have ever lived, a title she held for only two years before being overtaken by Jeanne Calment in 1989.
Knapp came from a surprisingly long-lived family; eight of her siblings reached age 80 and beyond, and one sister lived to be more than 100 years old. 108 years old, in fact.
Knapp's death left Carrie C. White (18 November 1874? - 14 February 1991, 116 years 88 days?) as the new oldest living person. However, White's claim may be discounted, as there is evidence that she may have been admitted into a mental institution at age 21, rather than 35, making her only 102 at death, not 116. If White's claim is discounted, Jeanne Calment would have been Knapp's successor to the title of oldest living person, at the sprightly age of 112.
Knapp is currently the 61st oldest person on record as well as the 29th oldest American ever, both records tying with Elena Slough of New Jersey, U.S. (1889-2003).