Tome Takaoka and Hina Shikawatari

Tome Takaoka, at left, and Hina Shikawatari, at right, both of Japan, were born on 1 January 1899. This photo of Takaoka was taken when she was 108 years old.
Takaoka currently lives in Ibaraki Prefecture, Kantō. Shikawatari lives in Ishikawa, Chūbu. Both women are tied as the 30th oldest validated living persons since the death of Annie Turnbull of UK on 2 September 2010.
They are currently the oldest validated living persons to have been born in the year 1899, the 11th oldest validated living Japanese citizens, and tied as the 72nd oldest living Japanese people on record.
12 September 2010: Hina Shikawatari is confirmed alive as of September 2010.
17 September 2010: Tome Takaoka is still alive as of September 2010.

Update (14 April 2012) - It has been reported that Tome Takaoka passed away on 12 April 2012, aged 113 years and 102 days. Confirmation of her death can be found here.

 Update (17 April 2012) - Hina Shikawatari died sometime between 15 February and 14 March 2012, at the age of at least 113 years, 45 days. Confirmation of her death can be viewed here, in a condolence listing in PDF format.