Geert Boomgaard

Geert Adriaans Boomgaard, the first validated supercentenarian ever recorded, was a Dutchman born on 21 September 1788 and who died on 3 February 1899 at age 110 years, 135 days. There would not be another supercentenarian after his death again until 1902, with Margaret Ann Neve (b. 1792), who died the next year at age 110 years, 321 days. There is also the (questionable) case of Thomas Peters (1745? - 1857), 111 years 354 days, also from the Netherlands. Boomgaard's case is the earliest completely undisputed case of a human being reaching age 110. He was born in Groningen, in the Netherlands, and also died there.
His father captained a boat, and reports also stated that Boomgaard did the same. He married twice, first on 4 March 1818 to Stijntje Bus and again after to Grietje Abels Jonker after her death on 17 March 1831.