Margaret Fish

Margaret Fish is a British supercentenarian who is the UK's second-oldest living person since the death of Annie Turnbull on 3 September 2010.
Born Margaret Willetts on 7 March 1899 in London, Fish currently resides in Wilstead. Bedfordshire, UK. Fish married Frank Fish, a veteran of World War I, in 1928. Frank Fish died in 1987 at age 89 of a heart and lung condition, after 59 years of marriage. Fish was a former dressmaker, and lived by herself until age 104. She moved in with her septuagenarian daughter for two years, and eventually went to a nursing home in Wilstead.
Fish is reported to enjoy television and a good meal. When asked her secret to long life, Fish replied, "(Don't) worry about it, (there is no secret)".
Validated by Andrew Holmes, a UK GRG correspondent, Fish is currently the 36th oldest British on record.
In early 2010, Melissa Page, another UK GRG correspondent, mistakenly reported that Fish had died on 31 January 2010. The "death" made its way into the GRG's Table E of validated living supercentenarians, and eventually bled into Wikipedia, where Fish's son-in-law found out about it, and informed immediately that Fish was still alive. At this point, the mistaken reporting of her death had caused a certain amount of distress to Fish's family.
It eventually transpired that the mistaken death report had come from the way the supercentenarian deaths were reported in the UK; the mistaken information was relayed to a GRG correspondent, who, not suspecting anything at the moment, passed it on to the GRG. The matter was therefore a simple error that led to something much bigger, due to the GRG's connection with supercentenarians.
24 March 2011 - Margaret Fish died on 12 March 2011 at age 112 years, 5 days. The oldest living British is now Violet Wood of England, born 2 September 1899.