More summer shots!

Beatriz Guerra Picamill
hi paula! this summer i went to the USA, i stayed there for a month, in
july, and i lived with a host family in a small village near michigan called
buchannan, it was my first time that i went to the USA and the experience
was great!i love the american people!
well, one of the photos is about the night in chicago after a bussy day of
shopping, chicago is only two houres far michigan so, we often visited
chicago. when i visited chicago i felt like if i were in a dream, in a
fantasy world! chicago has a lot of skycrapers and is very curious to see
that around chicago there is a sea or a lake, chicago has a port! it´s
pretty beautiful!

this photo show as the chicago´s hard rock cafe! this is a gorgeous place,
when i came in i got impressive coz i have never been in a hard rock cafe
before! it´s so cute!

Blanca Baltasar Mezquita
This summer was not my best summer because in  june I don’t pass three subject and I’m
staying in ac.preuniversitaria all the summer.

One of the weekends of July my cousin,
my uncles, my parents and me with some friends go sailing.

We left home very early as the ship stay
in ‘’El Puerto de SantaMaria’ and we
had travel by car.

On the ship we went to ‘’Bahia de
Cadiz’’ and we stayed there all the day.I got brown the rest of the dayand and
I swim a lot at the sea, the water temperature was fine.

Monday in morning I had to
return to ac. Preuniversitaria.

Hi, Paula!

I'm Carlota Guerrero Soro and I'm a new student of your classroom 2º D. I write to
tell you my holidays in Venice.

Venice is a beautiful place, where it points out the San Marco's Square. There, you
can admire the Cathedral and the Palace Ducale. In this square you can have the most
expensive coffee in the world, because it costs 15euros. I got in a góndola through
the bridges.

In Venice the carnival is typical, that's why all shops are full of colourfull masks
and old costumes.

Also, we visited Muano's island where a special glass is made.

In the photo I show you my sister and me with the Venecian masks.

I wouldn't hesitate to visit Venice again in the future.

Congratulations to these brave girls!
The exercise on this post consists on
telling me 15 different grammar mistakes.

Good Luck!