This summer has been very enjoyable for me. At first, in June,
I was in Seville with my friends. Later, I went to the beach
because my family has got a house in The Puerto de Santa María
(Cadiz) and it is there where we used to spend ours holidays.
There, I have got a lot of friends and we did differents activities:
we went to the cinema to see The Karate Kid (It is very funny),
we played football and tennis, we went out everi night...
I stayed in the beach until the fist of August when I had to
return to Seville becuase I started the training sessions with
my football team, Seviilla Football Club. I went to train
each mornings and the tuesday and the thursday, I took
English classes. With my football team I often played friendly
matches and even we went to play a championship to Nerja (Málaga),
in the photo, with others teams like Real Madrid C.F., Málaga and
Real Betis. These are my holidays.

Thank you Borja!

And now, are you able to correct the mistakes in red?
Come on, send me your corrections! I´m looking forward to them!!!