¡Última foto de verano!

Hi Paula,

As I hope you know, this is my first year at this school; I’m very happy with the decision I took last June about changing school.
I’m writing this to tell you about my summer. It has been a great summer! .I had some time to do all those things that during the school year and because of my classes and all the exams , I found it difficult to do.
I spent almost two months with my family (grandmother, grandfather, aunts, uncles, cousins…) in the same house! .It was obviously a very big house located in La Barrosa (Cadiz) , next to the beach , being this one of the best aspect of the house. It was a little bit crazy but I loved it as we don’t have many opportunities during the year for staying all together. All of them live in Madrid and just in special days we can visit them.
We tried not to get bored doing differents activities like visiting different beaches, playing some sports or going to the cinema.

With this post by Candela I must finish the series of summer shots, anyway remember that you will get extra marks if you comment regularly, and you are missing many chances.... so please, do the exercises from these shots, come on!!!