Fox stole phone before sending text message

16-year-old Norwegian, Lars Andreas Bjercke downloaded an application onto his smartphone which imitates rabbit sounds and aims to attract foxes. The app worked so well that a fox circled around Lars's yard for several nights.

One evening, Lars decided to put the phone in the middle of the road. The fox soon walked up to the phone. At first it was afraid, but then dared to get closer and sniff it. Suddenly, the fox grabbed the phone and ran into the bushes.

Lars was amused and ran after the fox. The fox, however, had a plan, disappearing with the phone. Lars later called the phone and, surprisingly, the fox answered. "There was a crackling sound and some noise," Lars said.

The next day, Lars's friend wondered why he had sent him an odd text message. The message was a mixture of strange letters and numbers. Lars knew that the sender was the fox. Lars has seen the fox lurking around since, but has not found his phone which the fox has probably dumped somewhere.