Caveman rushed to aid of attack victim

This is the moment a man dressed as a caveman and holding a club helped interrupt a brutal street attack in a busy town centre.

The surprising moment was captured by CCTV cameras and the footage has been released by police trying to find the assailant. The victim, a 31-year-old man, had been drinking at a pub in Stourbridge where a fancy dress party was taking place.

As he came out of the Mitre Inn just after 1.30am, he was followed into High Street, where he was then pounced on. The man was pushed to the ground before being kicked in the stomach and punched several times in the face. Footage of the attack shows two men in costumes, including one dressed as a caveman, running to his rescue.

YouTube link.

The attacker is then pulled away from the injured man and walks out of view of the camera. The victim was knocked unconscious and suffered injuries to his head and nose. Police have released the CCTV pictures in a bid to trace his attacker. Anyone who can help with the investigation is urged to contact West Midlands Police.