Cuckolded man has lived in guava tree for nine months waiting for apology

A man from Ramgaon village close to Varanasi in Uttar Pradesh, India, has been living in a guava tree for nine months and refuses to come down until his wife returns to him and apologises for her "infidelity". The 25-year-old man, known only as Sanjay was working in Mumbai when he got married. He took his wife, Tara, with him there, but one day, when he returned home earlier than scheduled, he found his wife in a compromising position with a boy who lived next door.

An upset Sanjay returned the following day to his home in Varanasi with Tara. He tried to convince his wife but she refused to listen to him and insisted that she wanted to return to Mumbai. The couple had a showdown after which Tara left for her parents’ home. Unable to come to terms with the situation Sanjay climbed up a guava tree on the outskirts of his village and has remained there ever since. He says he will climb down when his wife apologises for her deeds and returns to him.

Sanjay’s family members have made several attempts to bring his wife Tara back but she is unrelenting. “He climbed on to this tree on March 9 and has remained there ever since. Whenever we try to bring him down, he threatens to commit suicide. He eats and sleeps on the tree and even relieves himself from there. We keep going to him and asking him if he needs anything,” says Kushma Devi, Sanjay’s mother.

The local villagers claim that Sanjay, sometimes, climbs down from the tree and takes a stroll but climbs back again when he sees someone coming towards him. Seeing his determination, the villagers have not yet informed the police. “We apprehend that he may harm himself if we seek outside help. As long as he is safe there, we are happy for him,” says his sister Nisha. In the beginning Sanjay would gorge on guavas on the tree but when the fruits were not available, he started eating food from home.