Would-be armed robber flipped off by petrol station attendant fled with Snickers bar

Authorities in Florida are looking for a gun-toting robber whose failed attempt to steal from a a Fort Lauderdale gas station was mocked by an attendant and caught on camera.

The attempted robbery happened at around 9 pm on Dec. 4 at the Shell gas station at 2701 W. Sunrise Boulevard, the Broward Sheriff's Office said. The suspect, who walked in holding a black garbage bag, grabbed a Snickers bar and placed it on the counter before pulling a long gun out of the bag and pointing it at the attendant and demanding her cell phone. 

YouTube link.

The attendant, who was behind protective glass, recognized the suspect as a regular customer raised her hands and gave him the middle finger, the BSO said. The video didn't capture her gesture.

When the suspect couldn't get in the door to get at the attendant, he grabbed the Snickers bar and left the store. The suspect is described as a young black male, who was wearing a baseball cap, black pants and a hooded grey sweatshirt with the words "Varsity 92" on the front. A reward of $1,000 is being offered for information leading to an arrest.